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Optimum Energy Solutions Services

Energy is a valuable asset. Optimum Energy Solutions makes it easy for you to manage this asset and to take advantage of opportunities in the energy markets. Our portfolio of consulting services is designed to provide a total energy solution from supply side consulting to demand side management.

  • Energy Procurement – Expert consulting on the various ways of purchasing electricity, natural gas and oil in deregulated markets. 

  • Load Curtailment- Identify ways to reduce energy load and provide a feasibility study to determine if curtailing load can be part of your energy strategy

  • Energy Management – Proactively manage your supply and demand side energy costs and develop a strategy to reduce energy operating expenses.

  • State Programs – Investigate and analyze current and future state programs that can provide funding and a revenue stream for energy projects.

  • DG Solutions – Review and analyze opportunities for Distributed Generation, Cogeneration, Emergency Generation, Fuel cells, Solar and Wind Power.

  • Utility Audits – Rate analysis, DEP, taxes, and tariffs.

  • Building Optimization – Analyze opportunities for EMS, lighting, HVAC, chillers, compressors, Green Buildings and LEED certification.